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Kick Carhart Out of Maryland
Kick Carhart Out of Maryland

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Press Conference Germantown MD 12/6/2010

The Press Conference and Prayer Vigil in Germantown on Monday was a HUGE success!!! The organizers admit...they were hoping and praying for 150 to attend, but Pastor Charlie Baile from Shady Grove Presbyterian Church believed that God would send 300.

So who was right?? Neither...There were OVER 600 people in attendance at the event yesterday! God is SO GREAT!!!


Carhart's Nebraska Abortion MillThere were countless churches represented, people from ALL OVER Maryland, and dozens of pastors, priests, church leaders, and Pro-Life organization leaders in attendance. We all stood together to say that we WILL NOT allow Maryland to become the Late-term Abortion Capital of the US. AND, will not allow Carhart to turn Germantown into the Home of a run-down, back-alley loooking abortion mill. (Click to see a picture of Carhart's Nebraska Facility)




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