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Kick Carhart Out of Maryland
Kick Carhart Out of Maryland


Official MDCFL Statement About the "Contact Todd Stave" Campaign


The MD Coalition for Life re-affirms our commitment to peaceful, non-violent advocacy for the pre-born and mothers in crisis. Some Pro-life groups have chosen to participate in certain school protest activities completely outside of the scope and intent of the Coalition, but I want to assure everyone that the Coalition remains steadfast and focused. These controversial activities, though legal, are NOT something that MDCFL has or would participate in.


I also want to assure everyone that the MD Coalition for Life email and letter writing campaign focusing on Todd Stave (landlord of the building where Carhart is performing late term abortions) is 100% legal, 100% ethical, and completely "above reproach". The 1st Amendment of our Constitution protects our God-given right to speak out when we see something that is immoral, and our God calls us to "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves..." in Proverbs 31:8. 


I'm sure you have seen dozens of campaigns like this, focused on business owners, CEO's of large organizations like Home Depot and Pepsi, along with elected officials and Government Department Heads. This is a fair, legal, ethical, and widely used strategy to inform those who have influence that we do not agree with their actions and to encourage them to make a positive change.

The information distributed by MDCFL and the suggested message wording posted on the website were focused solely on Todd Stave as a business owner/landlord. The contact information shared by MDCFL was publicly accessible and was found on his website - (it looks like he has removed some of his contact info since the beginning of the campaign). There was NO personal or family information listed or utilized in the MDCFL campaign. We encourage citizens to express their views in a winsome and loving way to those who are advocating for or profiting from the killing of innocent children - which Todd Stave is. 

There has been some misunderstanding and confusion over the purpose and content of this communications campaign, so the MDCFL has chosen to temporarily suspend the campaign, and we are currently working with the appropriate Montgomery County officials and one of the most well-respected and successful Social Issue Law Firms in America to resolve the misunderstanding. The campaign will be reinstated shortly, along with additional campaigns and steps that we can all take to ensure that the public understands that Todd Stave is NOT an innocent victim, but a participant and beneficiary of the killing of innocent babies - who are the actual victims.




Media Inquires: Please email or call (301) 202-4035